Our Story

Our Beginning

Our mission started in Grayson, Georgia.  While scouring the internet, pun intended, to find a cost-effective maid service to help out around our home. As if that was not difficult enough, once we eventually got in contact with a company after numerous voicemails, we would set an appointment for an initial consultation just to have nobody show.

When a potential candidate finally showed up, the proposed fees for the job were just dirty. Our home was not a garbage dump, but we just needed someone dependable to help with its upkeep. We finally realized that since the features we really wanted in a house help were quality and affordability and both have proven rare, we might as well create the service ourselves.

Fall of 2017, Choice Magic Maid was born. The idea behind its creation was based on the knowledge that there are many busy professionals who are not rich, but could use some help in and around the home without having to break the bank. For this reason, Choice Magic Maid offers simple FLAT RATE cleaning services at affordable prices with flexible schedules. We do not believe that home maid service should be a luxury but rather a time-saving necessity.

People have always been the primary focus of our business – to manage reliable, qualified, independent personnel that take responsibility and take great pride in their work and exchange expect respect and improved workplace conditions.

Our Company

Choice Magic Maid is an innovative and service-driven cleaning company. Our primary objective is to always offer cost-effective, top quality, and prompt cleaning services to our clients. Choice Magic Maid sets new standards in the cleaning industry by providing a level of reliability and professionalism to establish and strengthen our relationships with our clients. We strongly believe that one of the reasons for our perennial success is our passion for quality service, and sincerity in meeting our client’s needs while exceeding their expectations.

Our company is committed to our customers by providing excellent house cleaning services for homeowners across America. At Choice Magic Maid, we continue our reputation for excellence as well as customer satisfaction by maintaining our focus on our core mission and vision.

At Choice Magic Maid, we have the best full-time staff who are all consistently trained to meet up with standards of high quality and cleaning performance. These individuals bound together by a standard vision and also driven by common values, so we are fully ready to fulfill your office and home cleaning needs. We are aware that a clean working environment improves the productivity, well-being, and experience of your staff, enhancing morale and boosting efficiency. Unlike many companies, which are unable to ensure quality service, and customer retention, our professional and dedicated staffs eliminate these concerns.

Choice Magic Maid services are based on bringing our industry’s most effective cleaning strategies, systems, and products together, then applying them towards the strictest brand standards in the business.

We value your business and make a concerted effort to gain your trust and confidence. We go beyond just meeting your daily cleaning needs.

We can help you save time and focus on the things that matter most to you, such as building your business, meeting deadline in your office, or spending time with your family and friends.

Let us handle the stress of keeping our property clean:

You have better things to do with your time! Get in touch with Choice Magic Maid today.