What is the difference between Choice Magic Maid and an individual cleaner?

Choice Magic Maid has taken the necessary steps of managing all details of employment, through proper filings for state and federal paperwork plus paying taxes. We are fully insured, bonded, and carry worker’s compensation so you are protected against accidental breakage or accidents inside your home or office.

Our cleaning crews are beautiful human beings whom are skillfully trained, thoroughly screened, a heart for service, enjoy cleaning, and take pride in their work so you can walk through your home with a smile.

If I sign up for long-term service, will the same people be in my home each time?

We make every effort to ensure that the same cleaners cleans your home on each visit. Unfortunately, individuals leave the company, call in sick or may not be able to clean that day, and in that case we will send another cleaner. One thing we like our clients to be aware of is that each cleaner is trained in the same fashion, so even if it’s a different cleaner, the cleaning should be the same quality every-time.

Must I tip the cleaner?

Tipping the cleaner is never a requirement, but if you feel that your home is being well taken care of by your cleaning professional then tipping is always welcome. Even a note saying “Thank you for doing such a great job” is a great way to show your gratitude.

How do I pay for my cleaning?

Choice Magic Maid accepts cash, checks, and all major credit card the day of service.

Do I need to be home for the cleaning?

That is completely up to you.  It is your home and we are happy to work in opposite areas of the home if you would like.

How many people will be in my home during each cleaning?

We respect your home and your privacy and are aware of the trust you place in us by inviting us into your home.  We operate in teams of two.