Quality and Affordable Cleaning

Our service is 100% guaranteed!

Quality and Affordable Cleaning

Our service is 100% guaranteed!

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Client Testimonials

Google verified job · "Choice Magic Maid provided timely service. It was very professional. I am ecstatic and happy with the job that they provided. They gave expert, perfect service."   Gary H.

Google verified job · "Maria was very nice and helpful. It was nice and easy. I would definitely get them again. They were extremely knowledgeable. The price was good."  Melissa S.

"Anthony with Blite Investment Group We will definitely be using them again!!! The cleaning service was almost out matched by their professionalism. They came in, and did what we asked of them!"  Anthony W.

Google verified job · "I would highly recommend them. They came on the same day. They actually arrived early and worked until everything was clean and perfect. They really resolved the problem that we had. The price was very fair and equal."  Rebecca M. 

"This company has been heaven sent. I'm very pleased with company’s Integrity. Steaffon has accommodated my ever changing schedule while my family and I are going through a difficult time. Overall top notch service! I recommend this company. Thank you again."  Nbrassilia B. 

Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning Schedules

Weekly Recurring Cleaning

Our residential cleaning is set up so you can have a clean home even when life is busy. Between being a spouse, carpool, work, animals, trips, extracurricular activities and all life throws at you keeping the house up can be a chore! If you’ve finding yourself without the time to give your home the attention it needs, we can help. Bathrooms, floors, and counter tops need weekly attention in order to maintain a clean home. If you do not have the time or energy for these tasks, but want to keep your home immaculate, consider weekly service. You’ll love the freedom!

Biweekly Recurring Cleaning

You can relax knowing that every other week the professionals at Choice Magic Maid will arrive at your home to provide the detail clean that is required to maintain a clean and healthy home. Face it, life is way too busy to stay on top of the dusting, vacuuming, bathrooms, and floors on a regular basis. You’ll be sure to find a ring in your toilet and dust accumulating on surfaces if your home is not cleaned at least every other week. This is our most popular service option.

Monthly Recurring Cleaning

You probably have time to clean the toilet, wipe down the fixtures, spray the showers, remove noticeable dust and run a quick vacuum. Do you have time to pick up and dust underneath items in your home, dust the blinds, fans and baseboards? If you find that you have the energy to do the basics, but no time or energy to do the detailed cleaning, then a monthly service might be perfect for you.

Move In/Move Out Cleaning

Our Move In/Move Out cleaning is perfect for anyone that needs to clean an empty 

apartment, or condo.  In some cases, we are able to work directly with your property 

manager if a checklist is required in order to receive your full security deposit. In this 

cleaning, we’ll clean all reachable surfaces from top to bottom.  Cleaning includes baseboards, trim work, interior and exterior of cabinets/drawers, interior windows, blinds, light fixtures, doors, floors, counters, and appliances. Detailed cleaning of your oven and other kitchen appliances will also be performed during this type of cleaning. Full dusting of all surfaces will also be conducted along with trash pickup.

One Time Cleaning

Need help for just a temporary period of time? We are here to help, and we will be happy to get you on a temporary recurring schedule. Get through that time -consuming project, maintain your home while on the market, get a little help during or after pregnancy or a surgery. We are here to make your home shine!



Residential Cleaning

Choice Magic Maid is truly invested in cleaning services and provides you with the best-in-class family home cleaning service. We will engage you to learn your needs and preference, and ensure we deliver on them accurately. We understand that inviting someone into your house requires a level of trust, and will treat your home with utmost respect. We cover all areas of your home, including the bathroom, the kitchen, the attic, and the basement. We clean and dust all rooms and furniture, polish interior glasses, kitchen appliances, and bathroom fixtures, and vacuum floors and furniture. We provide you with 100% safe, non-toxic, quality cleaning that protects your home from germs, remove all offensive odors and keep your family safe while leaving you with more than enough time to attend to your busy life demands.


Commercial Cleaning

Choice Magic Maid provides exceptional office cleaning services to all its clients, irrespective of the office size. We ensure that investors, customers, and visitors coming to your office for the first time get an excellent impression of your business by keeping your employees’ workspace and your entire office building sparkling cleaning. We are thorough and efficient and cover all areas, including the break room, the common area, and the restroom. We empty trash bins, sweep and mop wood and tile floors, vacuum carpets, and dust room fixtures. We also clean out the break room appliances, such as refrigerators, microwaves, and coffee makers, as well scrub clean and sanitize your restroom, including the urinals and replace/refill toilet papers, soap dispensers, and air freshener cartridges.


Day Care Cleaning

Choice Magic Maid is the best choice for preventing germ transfer and allergic reactions in day care centers. It is of utmost importance for day care centers to get exceptional cleaning services, in order to protect the health and welfare of the children and staff. Choice Magic Maid is qualified and equipped to keep your center spotless and the children protected against germs and bacteria. On a daily basis, we remove all the trash from your facility’s environment and clean and sanitize all the rooms in your facility, including the diaper changing room, and the bathrooms. We use eco-friendly, non-toxic, high quality disinfectants to eliminate all forms of germs, and disease-causing bacteria, and microorganisms in your facility. We also use high suction vacuum cleaners to trap dust and particles that may trigger an allergic reaction. house cleaning in Cumming maid service in Cumming